Captain Marvel


Source: Orb Box



Skill Details

Skill: Blast Beam

Description: Clear a diagonal line of Tsum Tsum with the Energy Blast unleashed from her fist!

Tsums to activate: 15

1Range: SSN/A
2Range: S
Coins 2000 Coins
Iso-8 Yellow 20 Iso-8 Yellow
3Range: M
Coins 4000 Coins
Iso-8 Yellow 30 Iso-8 Yellow
Iso-8 Red 1 Iso-8 Red
4Range: L
Coins 7000 Coins
Iso-8 Yellow 40 Iso-8 Yellow
Iso-8 Red 2 Iso-8 Red
Iso-8 Purple 10 Iso-8 Purple
5Range: LL
Coins 11000 Coins
Iso-8 White 2 Iso-8 White
Iso-8 Red 3 Iso-8 Red
Iso-8 Purple 10 Iso-8 Purple

Special Details

Special: Blast Punch

Description: Tap and clear away Tsum Tsum by hammering down her Energy Blast! Tap multiple times!

Tsums to activate: 48

1Range: S, Taps: 3
Coins 1500 Coins
Iso-8 White 1 Iso-8 White
2Range: ?, Taps: ?
Coins 3500 Coins
Iso-8 White 3 Iso-8 White
Iso-8 Red 2 Iso-8 Red
3Range: ?, Taps: ?
Coins 8500 Coins
Iso-8 White 5 Iso-8 White
Iso-8 Red 4 Iso-8 Red
Iso-8 Purple 10 Iso-8 Purple
4Range: ?, Taps: ?
Coins 15500 Coins
Iso-8 White 5 Iso-8 White
Iso-8 Red 6 Iso-8 Red
Iso-8 Purple 20 Iso-8 Purple
5Range: ?, Taps: ????

Ability Details

Ability: ATK UP [Combo]

Description: Briefly boost ATK (triggers randomly with every 20 combo)

1Act: 20%N/A
2Act: 25%
Coins 3000 Coins
Iso-8 Pink 50 Iso-8 Pink
3Act: ??%
Coins 6000 Coins
Iso-8 Yellow 10 Iso-8 Yellow
Iso-8 Pink 60 Iso-8 Pink
Iso-8 Purple 5 Iso-8 Purple
4Act: ??%???
5Act: ??%???

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