Disney Storybooks Classic Series Event Guide

Clear Card Prizes

Book 1 (Peter Pan) - 5000 coins

Book 2 (101 Dalmatians) - Premium Ticket

Book 3 (Dumbo) - Premium Ticket

Book 4 (Pinocchio) - Skill Ticket, Silver Event Pin

Book 5 (Lady and the Tramp) - Gold Event Pin

Disney Storybooks Classic Series Event Information

The Disney Storybooks Classic Series special event for the International version of the game is finally here! We have put together this page to help explain the event and give some helpful tips and tricks about how to win the event!

To start the event you have to select the event "card". This is done the same way as selecting a Bingo card by pressing the cards button in the lower left hand corner of the Weekly Ranking Screen. Once you click that if you are currently playing a bingo card you can click the button in the lower left that says "Disney Storybooks" to switch to the event card. Once you do that, if you haven't already started the event card you need to click the big Start Button on the card. There will be five different cards during the event (they are called books for this event). The first four cards are available now and the fifth book becomes available once you have cleared the other four. The event will end the night of January 25th. When you complete each card you will get a prize

This event is very similar to some of the other events and bingo cards where you will have missions to complete. Unlike some of the previous events the missions are very linear. You have to complete mission 1 before you can go to mission 2 and there aren't different paths you can take. You also have to complete most of the missions for a particular book before you can even start the next book. The first book is Peter Pan and it has a total of 18 missions.

Some missions are special mission where you will get an extra prize for completing that mission. All the special missions for a particular book will be the same but with increasing difficulty. The special missions for each book are:
  • Peter Pan - A big Captain Hook Tsum Tsum will appear at the start of the game and you have to hit him with either a magical bubble or a skill a certain number of times to defeat him
  • 101 Dalmatians - Tiny Dalmatian Tsum Tsums will appear during the game and you need to collect them by clearing Tsums nearby. They don't really effect gameplay overall.
  • Dumbo - A circus ball will appear a number of times and you need to clear them using magical bubbles or skills
  • Pinocchio - Foulfellow and Gideon Tsum Tsums will appear during the game and you need to clear them by hitting them with either a magical bubble or a skill

Towards the end of each book there will be a mission with a key on the mission step. Clearing this mission will get you the key which will unlock the next book. You don't need to completely clear the current book to start on the next once you get the key; however, you won't get the main prize for the book until it is completely clear.

The new Tsum Tsums released this month (Peter Pan, Patch, Timothy, Tramp, and Blue Fairy) will receive a character bonus for missions during the event so using these Tsums can make the missions easier to complete

In addition to using the new Tsum Tsums, you can also spend rubies to decrease the difficulty of the later missions if you are stuck. When you are inside the book, viewing the mission list, there will be an exclamation mark next to the current mission text. Clicking that will give you the option to spend rubies to decrease the difficulty (and tell you how much easier it will be before you have to actual spend the rubies)

Disney Storybooks Classic Series Event Tips and Tricks

Overall the event is more straight forward than the Bingo cards since there is only one mission at a time and you have to go in order. We are creating mission lists for all of the books that you can find at the following links as they are available (we should have all the missions up by tomorrow):

Do you have any other tips or tricks for the event? If so, let us know in the comments below and we can add them to the list!

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