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Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game

Marvel Tsum Tsum is a mobile game available for iOS and Android devices via their respective app stores. It was first released in Japan in early 2016 and now has been released internationally!

If you aren't familiar with Tsum Tsums they started out in Japan as cute stackable plushes and quickly turned into a mobile game with many Disney Characters. A little while later Marvel Tsum Tsum plushes debuted in the US and have grown to include a comic book mini-series and now the Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game!

In the game a Tsum Tsum is a small character icon that fill up your game screen. The goal is to clear Tsums as quickly as possible to gain points and coins. You clear them by swiping your finger across Tsums of the same character that are next to each other to connect them. If you connect 3 more Tsums, when you lift your finger they will be cleared. The more you connect at once in a chain, the higher the score and amount of coins you will get.

The Marvel version of the game of course focuses on Marvel Heros and Villians and adds Missions and Battles not found in the original game to give it a unique Marvel flair!

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Gameplay Basics

In the Marvel Tsum Tsum Game you start out with one character: Iron Man. As you progress through the game you can acquire more characters to play with. You will always select one of your characters as your "Leader". In the Marvel Tsum Tsum game there are two different types of games: Regular/Puzzle which is very similar to the original Tsum Tsum Game and Battles where you fight against another character. When you play a regular/puzzle game, 5 different Tsum Tsums will appear for you to clear. As you clear Tsum Tsums of your Leader character you will power up their skills. Each character has two skills and what they do varies from character to character. If you clear 8 or more Tsum Tsums in one chain a bomb will appear. Clicking on the bomb will clear all the Tsums around it. As you clear Tsums you will also fill a bar at the bottom. Once you fill that bar you will go into "Mega Charge" where you will get extra points for the Tsums you clear as well as extra time added to your game clock. After you have more than one character you can select up to two more characters to be on your team. These characters will also appear in each game and they have an ability that can trigger while playing the game. Abilities vary by character.

As mentioned the Marvel game also introduces "Battles". During a battle there will be a much larger Tsum in your game who has a health bar. The goal is to reduce their health to 0 before they reduce yours to 0 by clearing Tsums, setting off bombs, and using your leaders's skills. Each Tsum Tsum has a type (Power, Blast, or Speed) and each type is stronger against one of the other types and weaker against the other. You can use this to your advantage.

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We also created a Guide to Battle Mode games you can find by clicking here!

Stages and Missions

Unlike the original Tsum Tsum game, the Marvel game has a series of missions for you to complete. The missions are grouped into stages. Each stage is themed to a location in the Marvel comic or cinematic universe.

Each stage has two main types of missions, "puzzle" missions and battle missions. Each mission has two goals. For puzzle missions, the main goal of the mission, which you much complete to pass onto the next mission, varies but include things like "Use a Skill XX Times" or "Collect XXX Coins". The secondary goal is to score a certain number of points. For Battle missions, the main goal is to beat your opponent. The secondary goals vary by mission but are things like "Finish with more than XX% of your HPs" or "Create a chain of length XX".

For each successful mission you can get up to 3 stars. Completing the 1st goal will get you 1 star and reaching the secondary goals will get you the 2nd and 3rd stars. For most missions you will get 1 Yellow ISO-8 (see the ISO-8 section below for more information) for each star you earn for the first time. Collecting yellow stars will also unlock extra missions once you have completed the regular missions for the stage. The Extra missions will give you White ISO-8 instead of Yellow ISO-8

We have a list of all the stages and missions with helpful hints about how to pass the mission. You can find the stage list by clicking here.


Of course a Marvel game wouldn't be complete without Marvel characters! In addition to Iron Man you can acquire many other characters. You can get new characters in 2 ways.

The first way is by purchasing "boxes" in the game's store. There are two different types of boxes: Orb and Coin. As the name implies Orb boxes cost orbs (5) and Coin Boxes cost coins (30,000). You obtain coins by playing non-battle games. Orbs are a bit harder to come by but you can get orbs by completing stages, inviting new friends to play, and completing various other goals. You can also purchase orbs with actual money through in-game purchases. The two boxes have different characters in them with the exception of a couple characters that can be found in both (Captain America, Iron Man, and Peggy Carter). New Characters will be added over time and some may be removed. There also may be limited characters that aren't always available

Like the original Tsum Tsum game you can get a character you already have from a box. Unlike the original game, getting a duplicate character does not increase their power. Instead it will raise their level, increase their "Luck", and gives you an ISO-8 corresponding to their type (see the next sections for more info on Luck, ISO-8, and Character Types)

The second way to get new characters is by defeating villains via battles via the "Battle Menu". We will talk about the Battle Menu a bit later but when you defeat a villain there is a chance you could get a box containing that character. The chance of getting a box is greater the higher the difficulty of the battle. Villains are normally available for a limited time and sometimes only during certain hours of the day.

You can see what Villains are currently available and when they will be available via the Battle Schedule which is accessible by clicking on the rotating banner image near the top of the stage, battle, and store screens

You can find a list of characters on our Marvel Tsum Tsum Game Character List page by clicking here. From there you can click on the characters to get more details about them

Character Stats and Powers

Each character has a number of stats that determine how well that character does in different situations as well as their powers. The core stats are increased each time you level while you have to purchase power increases via coins and ISO-8 (see the ISO-8 section). You can see your character's current stats by clicking on them in the tsum tsum screen.

Stat Info
Level This is your character's current level. You can increase their level by clearing them when they show up in a game as well as by using "Boosters"
Score This determines how many points you will get when you clear this tsum during a game
HP How many Hit Points your character has. This determines how quickly your character can be defeated by enemy attacks during battles
ATK Attack determines how much damage your character does during battles
DEF Defense determines how well your character can protect themselves from enemy attacks
Luck How lucky your character is determines if you get extra rewards after you defeat an enemy in battle mode
Skill Your character's main power which you can use when your character is the leader
Special Your character's special power which is normally more powerful than their skill
Ability Your characters passive ability. This can be triggered whenever this character is on your team

ISO-8 and increasing your character's power

In the original Tsum Tsum game, raising your character's power was pretty straightforward. In the Marvel game it is a little more complex. To raise your character's skill you use Isotope-8 or Iso-8 for short. There are 7 different types of Iso-8 and, depending on the character, it will require various quantities of the different Iso-8s (and coins) to raise their powers. Since the exact amounts are different for different characters we have listed the upgrade cost on each character page. You can find a list of characters on our Marvel Tsum Tsum Game Character List page by clicking here

Type Info
ISO-8<Yellow> Primarily obtained by completing stage missions. It is used to increase your character's primary power level as well as ability level
ISO-8<White> Primarily obtained by completing stage extra missions. It is used to unlock and increase your character's special power level as well as their primary power level at the highest level
ISO-8<Red> Obtained by getting duplicate Power type Tsums in boxes and via ISO-8 Challenges in battle mode. It is used to raise Power Type Tsum's primary and special powers
ISO-8<Green> Obtained by getting duplicate Blast type Tsums in boxes and via ISO-8 Challenges in battle mode. It is used to raise Blast Type Tsum's primary and special powers
ISO-8<Blue> Obtained by getting duplicate Speed type Tsums in boxes and via ISO-8 Challenges in battle mode. It is used to raise Speed Type Tsum's primary and special powers
ISO-8<Pink> Primarily obtained by defeating opponents in battle mode. It is used to raise character's ability level as well as Villain Tsum's primary power
ISO-8<Violet> Primarily obtained by defeating Villains in battle mode or getting duplicate Villain Tsum boxes. It is used to raise all character power's to the higher levels
Booster While not technically an ISO-8 it is primarily obtained via winning battles in battle mode. It is used to raise a character's level

Building your team

Another way that the Marvel Game is different than the original is that you build a team of Tsums instead of just selecting "MyTsum". You still have a leader who is the Marvel equivalent of "MyTsum". They are the character's whose powers you can charge and activate by clearing Tsums of their type; however, in the Marvel game you can select two supporting Tsums to be on your team. You select your leader and supporting team members by dragging a character to the boxes on the top of the Tsum Tsum screen

There are three different ways that the support Tsums effect the game. First and most obvious, they also always appear when you play a game. This is helpful since clearing a Tsum during a game will level them up and increase their score and stats. This in turn means higher scores during regular game play.

The second way they effect the game is via their abilities. The ability of each of the three Tsums on your team will be in effect during the game. Most of the abilities will trigger randomly after a certain condition is met in the game (chain of certain length, combo of a certain #, triggering your leader's power, etc); however, some are active for the entire game. Because of this you can choose Team Members who have abilities that will help with a given mission or battle. One example of this would be for bomb missions where you have to pop a certain number of bombs. War Machine and Howard the Duck's ability will sometimes cause a bomb to appear when you trigger one of your leader's power. So if you have one of them on your team you have a chance for extra bombs.

The final way the effect your game is only during battles. Your team member's HPs, ATK, and DEF are added together to determine your overall HPs, ATK, and DEF during a battle.


To play games you need energy. Your energy counter is at the top left of most screens and is displayed as lightening bolts. Each mission takes 1 energy and battles in battle mode take either 1 or 2 energy depending on the strength of your enemy. You will automatically gain 1 energy every 10 mins up to a maximum of 5. You can also get energy via completing tasks, leveling up, or from friends sending you energy.

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