Three Peas in a Pod

Japanese Disney Store Outlet

Size: Mini


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Japanese Disney StoreYes
Disney ParksNo
UK Posh PawsNo
Disney CollectionNo


This variant version of Three Peas in a Pod is only available at Japanese Disney Store Outlet Stores (For example the Disney Outlet Store at the Gotemba Premium Outlets outside of Tokyo). Why these variants exist is unknown; however, since many counterfit versions of the Little Green Alien (another of the varients available at the outlets) look like the 'outlet' version instead of the 'regular' version it is possible this was a pre-production design that they decided to change after they had started to produce them.

Japanese Disney StoreOnly has been available at outlet stores and it unknown how long they will be available
In Progress The Plush Character Sets and Tags are a work in progress so not all characters will have sets and tags until we are done

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