Darth Vader

Star Wars

Source: Premium Box (Limited Edition)

Skill Details

Skill: Clears Tsum Tsum where you swipe!

Tsums to activate: Varies with skill level 22-19

Max Skill Level: 6

1Number: 22 Radius: S1
2Number: 21 Radius: S1
3Number: 21 Radius: M2
4Number: 20 Radius: M4
5Number: 20 Radius: L7
6Number: 19 Radius: L21

Score per Level


About Darth Vader

Darth Vader's skill is very unusual but can be very good at higher level. When you activate his skill the background of the game will change and the game timer will stop. While his skill is active you can swipe on the screen and Darth Vader will swing his lightsaber and clear Tsums where you swipe. If you keep swiping very quickly you can rack up a large combo; however, if you want higer scores and coins there is a different way to use his skill. When you place your finger on the screen a red dot will appear. The size of the dot will quickly decrease until it is just a point... at this point Vader's lightsaber is the most powerful and if you swipe it will clear a lot more Tsums. So if you take a bit more time you will get less swings but can clear 20-30 Tsums with each swing. What has worked best for us is to enable the gyro function and when you activate his skill tilt the screen to the right and then swipe from top to bottom a little bit away from the right edge... quickly return your finger to the screen and wait a moment to let his lightsaber recharge (and more Tsums to drop down) then swipe again... keep doing this until his power deactivates and then play as normal until you have him charged up again. It takes a while to get used to using his skill but once he is higher level and you have gotten good wit him you can clear a ton of Tsums meaning more points and coins!

If you have different suggestions for using his skill please let us know in the comments below!!

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