About the game

Tsum Tsum is a mobile game available for iOS and Andriod devices via their respective app stores. It started out in Japan and the game is tied to a Japanese social network called LINE.

A "Tsum" in the game is a small character icon. Tsums of different characters fall from the top of the screen and fill up the play area. As you clear them more fall from above. The goal is to clear them as quickly as you can. Each game lasts a minute (although the time can be extended based on your actions in the game).

You clear them by swiping your finger across Tsums of the same character that are next to each other to connect them. If you connect 3 more Tsums, when you lift your finger they will be cleared. The more you connect at once in a chain, the higher the score you will get. If you connect 7 or more of the same character a "Magic Bubble" or a bigger version of the Tsum will appear. You can click the Magic Bubble and it will clear all the Tsums around it. There are several types of bubbles and they have extra abilities depending on their type. If you get a big Tsum you can connect it with other Tsums of the same character but it counts as 5 Tsums on its own.

In addition to the characters that you clear in the game you also have your characters that you collect (more on this in the Characters section). You start out with Mickey as your only character. Each character has a special ability that charges up when you clear Tsums of your character. As you are clearing Tsums you earn 3 different things: Coins, Points, and Experience. Coins are mainly used to buy boxes which contain additional characters. Expierance increases your level. Points are basically just your score for a game.

Of course like most mobile games Tsum Tsum has a social aspect to it; however, since it is originally Japanese it is tied into a Japenese social network named LINE. In order to save your progress, use your account on more than one device, and add friends in the game you will need to create a LINE account.

Have questions or want to discuss the game? Head over to the dedicated forum on Character Central to discuss all things Tsum Tsum.

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Hearts are your "lives" for the game. In order to play a game you must have at least one heart. You automatically get one heart every 15 minutes up to a maxium of 5. Friends can send you hearts and when you level it will max out your hearts. You can also trade rubies for hearts. Hearts you obtain from friends and from rubies do not have a maximum; however, if you have more than 5 you will not gain any more hearts automatically or from leveling.

Bonus Items

Before you start each game you are given the option of purchasing Bonus Items for that game. These will provide various benefits; however, they only last one game and are pretty pricy. Most of them probably aren't the best choice when you are first starting out; however, as you get more and more powerful Tsums they can greatly increase your score/exp/money. The following bonus items are available:

  • +Score - Increases your score by 10%
  • +Coins - Increases your coins by ?% (The percentage can be very high but are very random. I have seen between 50% and 300% extra)
  • +Exp - Increases your expierance by 10%
  • +Time - Adds 5 seconds to the timer
  • +Bubble - Connect 6 or more Tsums (instead of 7) to get a bubble
  • 5 to 4 - instead of 5 types of Tsums there will only be 4
  • Fever

    During the game there is a special "Fever" mode. When you are in Fever you will earn bonus points. You enter Fever after you have cleared a certain number of Tsums and lasts 10 seconds. Whilst in Fever mode there is no time limit attached to the "Combo" bonus achieved when clearing Tsums in rapid succession.

    Last Bonus

    If you run out of time and you still have magic bubbles the game will give you a "Last Bonus" and automatically pop them for you... you won't get any additional benefit but at least you will get the points and coins for clearing the Tsums with the bubble. Also if your character is powered up it will do a "roulette" with the characters in the game. It will clear all the Tsums of the "winning" character.


    Every day at midnight Japanese time (11am EDT) you will get a daily mission. These missions seem to be random and include things like "Send X Hearts", "Clear X Tsums", or "Get X Coins". Once you complete your mission you will receive a coin prize. The amount you get varies by level.

    Magic Bubbles

    Whenever you clear a chain of 7 or more Tsums (or a character's power clears 7 or more Tsums) a magic bubble will appear. You click it to pop the bubble and it will clear all the Tsums that surround it. In addition, there are several types of bubbles and they have different additional benefits.


    Like most mobile games, Tsum Tsum is a "freemium" game and its premium currency are rubies. You can purchase rubies via an in-app purchase. Rubies can be traded for hearts, coins, or to extend your game time when you are near your high score


    Since the game runs on a social media platform and requires hearts and coins to play, it helps to have friends who also play so that you can send each other hearts and coins.

    In order to add friends (and save your progress) you will need to download the LINE mobile app and create an account. We recommend not using Facebook login when you create your account. This is because the when you use Facebook you have to be logged into the LINE application and the game will use it for its authentication which doesn't sound like a problem; however, you can only be logged into LINE on one device at a time. So for example if you have a phone and a tablet you would need to keep logging in and out of LINE to switch between them. If you have a normal LINE account you can just use your LINE username and password to log in directly through the game so you can easily switch between multiple devices. Don't worry if you have already used Facebook login as it is possible to go back and add a LINE password later; however, it is an extra hassle.

    Finding Friends

    Since LINE is a Japanese social network you aren't likely to have too many friends on it. There is a topic at the Character Central forums here where you can find other Tsum Tsum players and add them as friends (and you can post to have people add you).

    Rewards for Inviting Friends

    If you invite 5 friends to the game, you get a Happiness box for free! Once you reach 15 friend invites, you get a free Premium box. When you reach 30 invites (which is the maximum) you get an exclusive Toy Story Alien Tsum! Additionally, for each friend you invite to the game you receive 500 coins!


    Bingo has existed in the Japanese version of the game for a long time but was just added to the International version as well. Currently Bingo in the International version is very buggy but hopefully that will get resolved soon.

    Once you reach level 10 you will be able to play Bingo. There are various Bingo "cards" each with 24 different missions. Once you complete a mission that spot on the card is marked off as complete. Once you complete all the missions in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line you will get a special prize. Once you complete all the missions on a card you will get a better prize.

    Currently there are only two cards in the International version but the Japanese version has many more which should be added over time. You can only have one card "active" at a time and while you are playing that card's missions are the only ones you will get credit for completing.

    You have to complete the 1st card before you can select any other card. Once you complete the first card you are free to switch between any other cards (but since there is only 2 right now in the International game that ability isn't useful yet)

    In addition to the "regular" cards, in the Japanese verion they have used Bingo for various speical limited time events so hopefully those will start appearing in the International version as well

    Some examples of rewards for completing a line:

    • Coins
    • Hearts
    • Tickets that can be used for power ups
    • Rubies

    Rewards for completing a card:

    • Card 1 - A ticket that will let you get a "free" premium box
    • Card 2 - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Tsum Tsum added to your collection
    • Card 3 - A ticket that will let you get a "free" premium box
    • Card 4 - Alien Tsum Tsum added to your collection (or his skill increased if you have him already)

    There are various types of missions but they generally fall into one of three categories

    • Achivement - You have to do something once. For example you have to create a chain of 12 tsums
    • Game - You have to do something a certain number of times in a single game, get a certain number of coins/exp/points/etc, or clear a certain number of Tsums in a single game
    • Cumulative - You have to do something a certain number of times, get a certain number of coins/exp/points/etc, or clear a certain number of Tsums in total across multiple games

    We have lists of the bingo card missions along with tips and they can be found here:


    From time to time there will be special events in the game. They can either be related to holidays (Halloween, Christmas, etc) or just random themed events. How the events work depends on the event and can be very different from each other; however, they all use "cards" that you can work on instead of Bingo cards. We always create guides to these events. You can find our event guides for the current event as well as past events via the Game Menu at the top of the page.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Accept hearts from your friends as soon as you can. If you accept the heart within an hour of it being sent you will also get 200 coins! The is a huge help when you are first starting out and coins are slow to earn. Even later on if you have a lot of friends you can end up with a ton of extra coins each day.
    • If you are having trouble finding chains in a game press the yellow button in the bottom right-hand corner (it has an icon that looks like a fan). As its icon indicates it will blow the Tsums up in the air and they will fall down in a different arrangement that might be better.
    • For Tsums that have a power that requires you to do something afterwards (for example Dale turing a LINE of Tsums into Chip that you then have to clear) watch the time! If you only have a second or three left and power up your Tsum don't use its power as you won't have enough time to take advantage of it; if it is still charged when the game ends you will get the Final Bonus Roulette.
    • At some point after you install the app it will pop up asking you to rate it... if you click and rate the game you will get 10 rubies!
    • When friends send you hearts you have two options to accept them. You can either click on them one by one or use the "Claim All" button. While the "Clain All" button can greatly increase the speed there is actually an advantage to accepting them one by one. When you accept them one by one the game automatically spends a heart back to the person who sent it. This way you make sure you send a "thank you" heart to everyone who sends you hearts and the more hearts you send people the more you are likely to get in return.


    They are addingly new Tsums to the game at least monthly. The Japanese version has additional characters and those are being added to the international version over time. You get new characters by buying "boxes". There are two types of boxes: Happiness which costs 10,000 coins and Premium which costs 30,000.

    Each box contains a random character from amoungst the set of characters for that box. So the more boxes you buy the more characters you will be able to collect! You can click on the characters below for more detailed information about each character

    When you play you select one of the characters from your collection to be your character. Each game will feature your selected character and 4 other random characters from those in the Happiness Box and ones from the Premium Box that you have in your collection


    Each character has a special power. Clearing Tsums of that character will "power up" your character and once it is full power you can use their special skill.

    Skills very widely between characters so please refer to the individual character's page for information about their power.

    The character's power also has a level and your character's power will get more powerful as its level increases. You increase their power by winning more of that character when you buy a box.

    Tsums from Happiness Boxs have a max Power level of 3 while Premium Box characters have a max level of 6.

    Happiness Box
    Power Level Tsums for Next Level
    1 2
    2 4
    3 N/A
    Premium Box
    Power Level Tsums for Next Level
    1 2
    2 3
    3 4
    4 6
    5 Varies (12-20?)
    6 N/A


    The characters that you own will gain experience when you clear that character while playing. As your character increases in level it will earn bonus points when you clear it during the game.

    Initially characters have a level cap of 5; however, you can spend coins to raise the cap.

    Level Cap Coins to raise to next cap
    5 2000
    10 3000
    15 4000
    20 6000
    25 8000
    30 10000
    35 10000
    40 10000
    45 10000