Tsum Tsum Mobile Game Be Our Guest Event Guide

Clear Card Prizes

Card 1 - 2000 Coins

Card 2 - Mrs. Potts Tsum Tsum

Card 3 - Premium Ticket

Card 4 - Mrs. Potts Tsum Tsum

Card 5 - Mrs. Potts Tsum Tsum

Card 6 - Skill Ticket and Silver Pin

Card 7 - Gold Pin


Tsum Tsum Mobile Game Be Our Guest Event Information

The Be Our Guest special event for the International version of the game is here! We have put together this page to help explain the event and give some helpful tips and tricks about how to win the event!

To start the event you have to select the event "card". This is done the same way as selecting a Bingo card by pressing the cards button in the lower left hand corner of the Weekly Ranking Screen. Once you click that if you are currently playing a bingo card you can click the button in the lower left that says "Be Our Guest" to switch to the event card. Once you do that, if you haven't already started the event card you need to click the big Start Button on the card. There will be 7 different cards during the event. The event will end the night of July 23rd. When you complete each card you will get a prize

On each card there will be a series of platters and for each platter there will be a mission you have to complete to open the platter and move onto the next platter. Most platters will be silver platters and they will have missions that are very similar to Bingo Card missions. Some platters will be bigger than others and when you complete their missions you will get a bonus prize.

Some of the platters will be Golden Platters. These platters have a series of missions that you have to complete one after the other in the course of a single game. Luckily these missions are much easier; however, having to complete a bunch of them in a single game can be challenging! When you clear these missions you will get bonus coins.

The new Premium Box Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsums (Romance Belle and Romance Beast) get a bonus towards the mission. The higher the skill level of your Tsum Tsum the higher the bonus you will get. Their bonus can make mission a lot easier so it definitely helps to have these Tsums if you are able to get them!

The final card is considered a "Bonus Card" with extra hard missions. New to this event is the option, called Mission Assist, to spend Rubies to decrease the difficultly of the mission. You will still get the same prizes if you use Mission Assist so if you are stuck on a mission and you have Rubies it is an option you can consider

Each Event Card has a series of missions and we are creating pages to help you with the missions on each card. This is still a work in progress and we will be adding links to the card pages as we add the missions. Here are the help pages for the missions:

Tsum Tsum Mobile Game Be Our Guest Event Tips and Tricks

Overall the event is more straight forward than the Bingo cards since you only have one mission at a time you have to worry about. Here are some tips to help win the event easier:

  • Romance Belle and Romance Beast are both good Tsums to use for this event if you have them. Their character bonus can help you get past some of the more difficult (or annoying) missions
  • When you play a game the mission will be displayed at the top of the screen along with your progress. This is also helpful as it will tell you if you are using a valid Tsum Tsum for that mission... if it doesn't appear then that means you have to use a different Tsum Tsum. For example if you have a mission that requires a male Tsum Tsum and currently have a female as My Tsum Tsum then the mission progress won't display at the top of the screen during the game.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for the event? If so, let us know in the comments below and we can add them to the list!

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