Battle Mode Schedule

The Heroes and Villains that you can currently battle change from day to day and even by time of day! We will keep track of what characters are currently available, who is coming soon, and who has appeared in the past here


Every day there are 1 or 2 heroes available to battle. You can battle them to get the ISO-8 that corresponds to their type, ISO-8 Pink, and Boosters

Booster Challenge against War Machine

All day Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

ISO-8 Blue Challenge against Hawkeye

All day Wednesday and Saturday

ISO-8 Green Challenge against Star Lord

All day Monday and Thursday

ISO-8 Red Challenge against Thor

All day Tuesday and Friday

Extra Materials Challenge against Vision

All day Sunday


Currently Available

Winter Soldier

All day starting September 14, 2016 until September 27, 2016 23:59 PDT

Green Goblin

All day starting September 10, 2016 until October 9, 2016 23:59 PDT


All day starting August 31, 2016 until September 29,2016 23:59 PDT

Coming Soon


Coming soon!

Previously Available


Previously available:

  • All day from August 31, 2016 until September 13, 2016 23:59 PDT

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