Tsum Tsum Bingo Card 2

Clear Row Prizes

  • 5 +Time Tickets
  • 10 Rubies
  • 8 Hearts
  • 5,000 Coins
  • 5 Rubies
  • 8,000 Coins
  • 5 Rubies
  • 3,000 Coins
  • 10,000 Coins
  • 3,000 Coins
  • 5 +Bubble Tickets
  • 3 5->4 Tickets

Clear Card Prize

When you finish all the missions on the card you will get an Oswald Tsum!

Bingo Card 2 Missions

Here are all the missions for the 2nd Bingo card in the International version of the game:

  • Mission 1: You start off with this mission complete

  • Mission 2: Use a skill to create Magical Bubbles 100 times in total
    Tip: Use Marie or Miss Bunny

  • Mission 3: Create a 130 combo
    Tip: Use Holiday Donald or Donald (others recommend Jack). If you have Holiday Donald and use him, when his skill is active you just have to swipe across the screen instead of actually tapping... which makes this much easier

  • Mission 4: Use a Happiness Tsum Tsum to earn 700,000 points in one game
    Tip: If you are having a hard time getting this many points try using the power ups to make it easier... 5->4, +Time, and +Score are the most helpful here

  • Mission 5: Use a Tsum Tsum that makes Magical Bubbles 6 times in one game
    Tip: Use Marie or Miss Bunny

  • Mission 6: Call a sweetheart and earn 750,000 points in one game
    Tip: Use Minnie, Daisy, or Thumper and if you aren't getting 750,000 points with them try using the 5->4, +Time, and +Score power ups

  • Mission 7: Use a Tsum Tsum with floppy ears to create a 70 combo
    Tip: Use Goofy, Pluto, Eeyore, Lady, Dumbo

  • Mission 8: Activate fever 6 times in 1 play with a Tsum Tsum with a hat
    Tip: Use Goofy, Donald, Dumbo, Woody, or Jessie

  • Mission 9: Use yellow Tsum Tsum to earn 5,000 coins in total
    Tip: Use Pooh (Regular or Honey), Tinkerbell, Alice, or Miss Bunny

  • Mission 10: Use a tail-swishing skill 5 times in 1 game
    Tip: Use Tigger or Cheshire Cat... if you have issues using their skill 5 times try using the 5->4 and/or +Time power ups

  • Mission 11: Create a 15 chain in 1 game

  • Mission 12: Use a Tsum Tsum with eyelashes to create a 12 chain
    Tip: Use Minnie, Daisy, Marie, Lady, Tinkerbell, Alice, Miss Bunny, Elsa, Anna, or Rapunzel. Rapunzel is probably the easiest

  • Mission 13: Reduce Tsum Tsum to 3 kinds 5 times in 1 game (use items and skills)
    Tip: Use the 5->4 power up and Zero or Pascal. When you use his power it will mean there will only be 3 types of Tsums left. If you have problems using his power 5 times use the +Time power up

  • Mission 14: Use a skill that calls a friend 6 times in 1 game
    Tip: Use Chip, Dale, or Mike

  • Mission 15: Clear 1000 green Tsum Tsums in total

  • Mission 16: Clear 100 Toy Story Tsum Tsums in 1 play
    Tip: Use Buzz, Woody, Jessie, or Lotso as "MyTsum"

  • Mission 17: Use black Tsum Tsum to earn 5,950 xp in total
    Tip: Use Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, or Maleficent

  • Mission 18: Use a skill to stop time 70 times in total
    Tip: Use Pooh or White Rabbit

  • Mission 19: Use white Tsum Tsum to enter fever 120 times in total
    Tip: Use Donald, Daisy, Marie, Jack, Zero, White Rabbit, Olaf, or Baymax. Recommend: Marie

  • Mission 20: Use a Pixar Tsum Tsum to earn 800,000 points in 1 game
    Tip: Use Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Lotso, Mike, or Sulley

  • Mission 21: Use a skill that stops time 6 times in 1 game
    Tip: Use Pooh or White Rabbit

  • Mission 22: Use blue Tsum Tsum to earn 10,000,000 points in total
    Tip: Use Eeyore, Stitch, Scrump, Perry, Sulley, or Dumbo

  • Mission 23: Clear 100 ribboned Tsum Tsum in 1 play
    Tip: Use Minnie, Daisy, Scrump, Marie, Tinkerbell

  • Mission 24: Use a beaked Tsum Tsum to earn 500 coins in 1 game
    Tip: Use Donald, Daisy, or Perry

  • Mission 25: Use a canine Tsum Tsum to earn 900,000 points in 1 game
    Tip: Use Goofy, Pluto, or Zero

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