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Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game

Marvel Tsum Tsum is a mobile game available for iOS and Android devices via their respective app stores. It was first released in Japan in early 2016 and now has been released internationally!

If you aren't familiar with Tsum Tsums they started out in Japan as cute stackable plushes and quickly turned into a mobile game with many Disney Characters. A little while later Marvel Tsum Tsum plushes debuted in the US and have grown to include a comic book mini-series and now the Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game!

In the game a Tsum Tsum is a small character icon that fill up your game screen. The goal is to clear Tsums as quickly as possible to gain points and coins. You clear them by swiping your finger across Tsums of the same character that are next to each other to connect them. If you connect 3 more Tsums, when you lift your finger they will be cleared. The more you connect at once in a chain, the higher the score and amount of coins you will get.

The Marvel version of the game of course focuses on Marvel Heros and Villians and adds Missions and Battles not found in the original game to give it a unique Marvel flair!

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