A look at the first Tsum Tsum Subscription set!

Today our first Tsum Tsum Subscription box arrived! So let's take a look!

It arrived via UPS in a rather plain cardboard box. On the outside of the box it has the words Tsum Tsum which is the only indication (other than the Disney Store return address) of what is inside.

Inside the box is... another box! This one is a lot more interesting though and through a clear plastic window you can see Mickey and Oswald inside! This box is is about the same size as the interior of the packing box which means there is no padding so if the outer box gets damaged the inner box is likely to be damaged as well. We actually have two subscriptions and one of them the outer box had a slightly crushed corner... and sure enough the inner box clear plastic "window" was cracked. Luckily there is a good bit of empty space inside the inner box and the Tsums weren't damaged.

Inside the box Mickey is attached to a white cardboard base via the same plastic fasteners that normally attach the paper labels to Tsum Tsums and Oswald is attached to Mickey the same way. There are no "paper" tags on either of them.

The size of the new "Small" Mickey is basically the same as the middle Tsum of the Three Tsum Tsum stacks that have previously been released in Japan (and I am sure the Shanghai ones are the same size as well). So while this is a new size for the US it isn't a completely new size. Personally I am a fan of this size as it isn't too big but it is big enough that they can give the Tsum Tsums more details than is possible in the mini size.

Japan three Pooh stack set on the left. Regular Medium and Mini Mickey with the new Subscription "Small" Mickey on the right.

Overall I really like both of these Tsums and am happy with this first box. Of course we already knew who would be in it so next month will be more interesting where it is a "surprise"... hopefully they branch out and have some more unusual characters (which for the US I guess Oswald is still) and the next few boxes won't just be small Minnie, Donald, Daisy, etc. The price of the box is a little high but it does include shipping (unlike many other subscription boxes) which helps make up for it but it would be nice if they threw in some Tsum Tsum stickers or something too.

Who do you hope is in next month's box?




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