Tsum Tsum Plush Preview: Finding Dory

Thanks to Toy Fair in London this past weekend we got a preview of some upcoming Tsum Tsum sets!

Posh Paws, the maker of 3rd party Tsum Tsums in the UK (the ones sold at stores other than the Disney Store like Toys R US), had a booth with a bunch of upcoming Tsum Tsums. Many were ones that have already been released by the Disney Store but haven't made their way to other stores yet (For example Aladdin and Peter Pan); however, there were a few that were completely new!

Our friends at the Tsum Tsum Plush - Buy/Trade/Sell Facebook group were lucky enough to go to Toy Fair and they are kindly allowing us to use some of their pictures to take a look at these upcoming sets. The last couple days we took a look at the Tangled set and the Jungle Book set. Now it is time for Finding Dory!

Before discussing this set further here are some close ups of the Tsums in the set:






Medium Dory:

Medium Nemo:

We can't wait for this set as we loved Finding Nemo and are looking forward to Finding Dory; however, there are still a few questions.

First, when will the Finding Dory set be released? Sadly we don't know for sure yet; however, the Disney Store always releases sets before Posh Paws does and Posh Paws probably won't release them until the summer (it looks like they will release Tangled and Finding Dory at the same time). As far as the Disney Store, that is a little harder to guess; however, Finding Dory is being released in mid-June so if they follow the pattern of releasing Tsums before a movie it will likely be either early June or possibly May.

Second, will there be other characters in the set? Most of the 3rd party (Posh Paws, Disney Collection, etc) sets have been subsets of the Disney Store sets with characters missing (for example, they only have 3 of the 7 dwarfs) so it is likely there will be additional characters released at the Disney Store. It would be surprising if Marlin was not included at least... hopefully we will know for sure soon!

Are you excited for the Finding Dory set? Which other characters do you hope they will release at the Disney Store?

Pictures courtesy of the Tsum Tsum Plush - Buy/Trade/Sell Facebook group and used with permission




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