International Game Update! Aladdin Tsums added and Christmas Event coming soon!

This morning the International version of the game was updated to added Aladdin and Jasmine Tsum Tsums. There was also an announcement of a Christmas event coming soon!

Aladdin's skill turns a vertical line of Tsums into "Prince Ali" Tsums that can be connected to normal Aladdin Tsums. This is similar to the skill of several other Tsum Tsums. The disadvantage to Aladdin's version is that it is a vertical line that is changed which makes it more difficult to use his skill twice and get an even better score/coins.

Jasmine is another "burst" Tsum Tsum. When you activate her skill the screen changes and you see her and Aladdin riding a magic carpet across the screen. Where the carpet goes (it travels in a wavy line from left to right) it clears Tsums. Overall not a bad skill but not the best and very similar to many other Tsums.

Finally, there was an announcement of a Christmas Event "Coming Soon". Hopefully that will arrive in the next couple days! It should work basically the same as the Halloween event.

That is all the game updates for now... once the Christmas event goes live we will be sure to let you know all about it!




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