International Game Update! Christmas Tsums available and Merry Christmas Event Started!

Hi all,

Today the international version of the game was updated to start the Merry Christmas Event and to make some of the Christmas Tsums available again!

First, the Christmas Tsums... returning to the game are Holiday Mickey, Holiday Minnie, Holiday Donald, and Holiday Daisy. They are all available in the premium box until the end of the month. For the next few days is "Lucky Time" for these Tsums so you have a greater chance of getting them the next couple days.

So far Holiday Goofy and Holiday Pluto have not returned; however, last year only 3 of the Holiday Tsums were initially available and the other 3 were added a couple weeks later so hopefully Goofy and Pluto will return in a week or two as well.

The other big update is the start of the Merry Christmas Event! We have created a guide for the event that you can find by clicking here! It is also available via the menu at the top of the page.

In the event you collect ornaments to decorate your tree on the event card. After you finish decorating a tree you will get a present with a random prize. Two of those prizes are Holiday Donald and Daisy.

Overall an exciting update and can't wait to play the event!




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