Tsum Tsum Subscription for December 2015! (Spoilers!)

Our Tsum Tsum subscription for this month has arrived!

It contained a small Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum as well as a mini winking Minnie Mouse Tsum in a pink dress.

Personally I am a bit disappointed with this month's box. I expected the small Tsum Tsum would be one of the core characters; however, last month the mini Tsum was a character that hadn't previously been released in the US so I was hoping for a new and different mini Tsum.

This month it is just another Minnie Mouse. Sure her outfit will be exclusive to the subscription box but honestly it isn't that exciting of a difference. If you are a huge Minnie Mouse fan then this box will be great for you... everyone else... not so much.

Hopefully future boxes contain new and different characters (or at least more exciting and interesting outfits) instead of just slight variations of existing characters.




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