A look at Tsum Tsum Vinyl Mystery Stack Packs

Earlier this month Stackable Tsum Tsum Vinyl figures arrived at Target.

The figures come in three different sizes and there are a total of 26 different characters in "Series 1". Most (but not all) characters are available in all three sizes.

At first there were 3-packs and 9-packs available. The 3 packs contain one figure of each size and you can see who comes in the pack. For the 9 packs there are three of each size and one of the medium figures is a "mystery" figure.

Also included in the 3 and 9 packs is a "Collector Guide" that lists all the Tsum Tsums that are available as part of "Series 1"; however, several characters seemed to be missing from the available packs. These included Sebastian (Small and Medium), Lucky (Medium), and Dale (Small and Medium).

The mystery of where these characters were available (at least the medium sized ones) was answered when a new "Mystery Stack Pack" started to appear at Targets in the last couple days.

Each of these packs include 1 medium Tsum Tsum as well as an accessory for that Tsum. There are a total of 10 different Tsum Tsums available in the "Stack Pack" including medium Sebastian, Lucky, and Dale!

The packs come in a 24-pack case and are blind bags (so you don't know who is inside). It appears that there is only 1 of each of the "rare" characters (Dale, Sebastian, Lucky) in each case with multiples of the others.

Here are some pictures of the Tsums as they are in inside the packs:

Here they are all together after putting their accessories together:

At our local Target these were not out on the floor yet but were in the stock room when we asked. The Target Inventory DCPI number for them is 204-10-2727 and a Target team member should be able to use that number to find them for you if they have them in stock.

Also, while these Tsum Tsum figures were exclusive to Target in the US to start they have been sighted in Toys R Us recently so their availability should expand. Hopefully Series 2 will be added before too long!

As far as the two missing small Tsum Tsums (Dale and Sebastian) it looks like they will be coming soon in two new 9-packs that currently haven't been found anywhere except in a picture on the Target website:

Are you collecting the Tsum Tsum Vinyl Figures? Which ones are your favorites?




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