Pinocchio Tsum Tsum added to the International version of the game!

This morning the international version of the Tsum Tsum mobile game was updated to add Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Tsum Tsums!

Jiminy Cricket is a basic "burst" Tsum Tsum. When you activate his skill you will see him drift down the screen on an umbrella and he will clear the Tsums that he floats over. Overall he isn't the best or worse burst Tsum but he isn't bad.

Pinocchio's skill is a little more interesting. When you activate his skill it will select two types of Tsums and clear all Tsums of those types. As you increase his skill level the number of Tsums needed to activate his skill decreases. Especially when using the 5->4 power up his skill is pretty good as it will clear about half the Tsums no the screen and the remaining Tsums will be easier to chain.




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