Latest Tsum Tsum News and Rumors - Zootopia, Star Wars, Marvel, Easter, Tangled, and more!

There have been several new items of Tsum Tsum news and lots of rumors about upcoming Tsum Tsums!

First up is Hong Kong Disneyland where they recently released a Duffy and ShellieMay set for Lunar New Year (seen in the picture above). Also, they will be releasing a Valentines Duffy and ShellieMay soon as well!

Now onto the Disney Store... as everyone knows next month's Tsums are a large set of Zootopia mini Tsum Tsums; however, thanks to Twitter posts by the movie's director we also know there should be medium Tsums of at least Nick and Judy AND that at least mini Zootopia Tsums will be coming to Target as well (but there could be differences between the Target and Disney Store sets).

Moving beyond the official Disney Store news there have been a lot of rumors recently about more mid-month releases coming soon. The biggest rumor is that mid February will see the release of Star Wars Tsums... this is not something we have been able to verify yet but it seems likely that we will see more Marvel and/or Star Wars Tsums released mid-month soon. Thanks to e-bay and the Japanese version of the Tsum Tsum game we have some previews of possibly upcoming Star Wars and Marvel Tsums.

On the Marvel side it seems likely that we will see a release of more "heroes" as well as some villains. The heroes include Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye all of whom will be featured in the upcoming Captain America Civil War movie so it seems likely we will see a Marvel set released for that movie. On the villains side there have been leaks of a couple Spider-Man villains so it is unclear if we will see a general Villains set or one based on Spider-Man.

As far as Star Wars, in December and January the Japanese Tsum Tsum Mobile game had a special Star Wars event which of course included Star Wars Tsums in the game. From that we can get a sneak peek at possible Star Wars Tsum designs!

As far as upcoming "normal" Tsum Tsum sets there have been more leaks on e-bay showing off potential Tangled Tsums as well as what appears to be a Siamese cat. The first set that springs to mind for the cat would be a full Lady and the Tramp set; however, based on the "friendliness" of the design we think it could actually be from an upcoming Aristocats set. The final leaked Tsum appears to be a wolf from Jungle Book and with the upcoming Live Action Jungle Book movie it seems like a good bet we will see a Jungle Book set soon too. As far as Tangled, on the UK Disney Store site a Pascal Tsum Tsum pencil case showed up recently... hopefully this is another indication that Tangled Tsums will be coming soon!

The final leaks that we have found are various Easter Tsums. We aren't sure if these are Japanese or US Disney Store (or some of both) but based on past history there will probably be a Japanese Easter set coming in the next month or two.

On a slightly different note. The JCPenney exclusive Valentines Tsums that appeared on-line a little while ago and quickly sold out have been appearing in stores. So if you missed them on-line be sure to check your local JCPenney!

That is all the news and rumors for now. Obviously most of this is currently rumors or leaked designs but as we get more specific information we will be sure to pass it on!

What sets are you most excited about?

Hong Kong Lunar New Year picture courtesy of Stella Chan
Other Tsum Tsum images from EBay




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