Tsum Tsum Game - Limited Time Pickup Capsule added to the International version of the game and the max level for Little Green Alien was increased!

Today the Tsum Tsum International version had a minor update to add a limited time Pickup Capsule option that lasts until 11:59PM PST Jan 23!

If you haven't seen the pickup capsule before it is basically like a gum ball machine with 15 Tsum Tsums inside. Instead of buying a premium box you can buy a random Tsum Tsum "capsule" from the machine for 30,000 coins. As you buy the capsules they are removed from the machine. If you buy all 15 you also get a 'free' skill ticket!

Here is the list of the Tsums available in the machine:

As an added bonus the Little Green Alien is available inside the machine AND his max skill level has been increased to 3!




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