Tsum Tsum Plush News: Finding Dory, Tangled, and Jungle Book Previews!

Posh Paws, the company that creates the non-Disney Store Tsum Tsums in the UK (like the ones at Target in the US), has a booth at Toy Fair in the UK where they have previewed upcoming Tsum Tsums including Tangled, Finding Dory and Jungle Book!

There are also medium and large Tsums for Finding Dory!

Also shown are some sets that have been released at the Disney Store but not by Posh Paws like Peter Pan and Lion King.

This also gives us an idea of what will be coming to Target, JCPenney, Walmart, etc at some point since the "Disney Collection Tsums" in the US normally match the ones released by Posh Paws in the UK.

Also, Posh Paws frequently doesn't release all the Tsums in a set and instead releases a sub-set of the more popular characters... so it is possible and even likely there will be additional characters for Tangled, Finding Dory, and Jungle Book when they are released in the Disney Store.

Picture via ToyNewsOnline twitter and found by Luke Hardwick




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