Tsum Tsum Subscription for March 2016! (Spoilers!)

Tsum Tsum Subscription boxes have started to arrive!

This month is Dumbo themed with a small Dumbo and a mini Timothy Mouse!

Sadly ours isn't scheduled to arrive until Monday (it looks like they moved the distribution for this month to CA meaning it will take longer to get to the east coast) so here is a picture via Instagram!

After being disappointed in the first couple boxes I have to say they have really stepped up their game this month and last! I am extremely happy with this box and can't wait until it arrives! For the first time there is truly an exclusive character with mini Timothy Mouse; however, I expect he won't stay exclusive for too long. Since he is "winking" in the subscription box I expect they will release a "regular" version at some point... possibly exclusive to Europe like the did with the previous "Pink" Minnie Mouse. That being said, I am still very happy to finally have a brand new character being part of the subscription and Dumbo is just adorable in all sizes so having a Small Dumbo is great too!

What do you think of this month's box?




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