Tsum Tsum Subscription for June! (Spoilers!)

Tsum Tsum subscription boxes for this month have started to arrive!

This month is Finding Dory themed (to go with the Finding Dory Tsum Tsums that came out last month). It includes a small Dory and a mini winking Nemo. Before we give you our thoughts here are is a picture:

Picture courtesy of Instagram user tsumtsumtourist and used with permission

So now our thoughts... honestly, after several months of good boxes, this month's box is a let down. We are back to a "winking" variation mini Tsum Tsum of a character that was already released. Also, since mini, Medium, and Large Dory have been released already the small Dory isn't super exciting. Another problem is that the last few the size difference made sense (Mowgli with Baloo, Timothy with Dumbo, etc); however, Nemo and Dory are basically the same size in the movies. Finding Dory is a great theme; however, how much better would a small Crush and mini Squirt have been? Hopefully next month we go back to better sets but only time will tell.

What do you think? Do you like this month's subscription set? Who do you hope will appear in future months?




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