A look at the new Tsum Tsum Disney Store Disney Favorites Series 1 Vinylmations

As a surprise release this past Tsum Tsum Tuesday the Disney Store released another set of Tsum Tsum "Vinylmations"!

This set is called "Disney Favorites Series 1" and includes 6 different characters: Marie, Lady, Dumbo, Stitch, Cheshire Cat, and a mystery chaser (see the pictures below to see who the chaser is). Each case has a total of 12 mystery boxes which includes 2 of each character except the chaser. There is only 1 chaser in each case and the "filler" (the extra character instead of a second chaser) was Dumbo for our case.

Here are picture of the case:

Each box contains one mystery figure:

Here are closer pictures of the characters:





Cheshire Cat:

Baymax (Mystery Chaser):

Overall it is a pretty good selection of fan favorite characters. Since this is "Series 1" hopefully there will be a 2nd series including more favorite characters!

Here is a picture of all of them together doing what Tsum Tsums do best!

They are currently available in Disney Stores and on the Disney Store website. Here are links to them if you are interested in buying some!

Tsum Tsums Vinylmations

Are you collecting these Vinyl figures? What characters would you like to see in "Series 2"?




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