Walmart adds lots of Tsums (including Star Wars and Marvel) to their website with many less than $3 a Tsum Tsum!

Recently the Walmart website expanded their offering of sets of Tsum Tsums and now many of them have had their price "Rolled Back"!

The Walmart Tsum Tsums are "Disney Collection" Tsum Tsums similar to Target and JCPenney; however, there are slight differences between the Walmart ones and the others with the Walmart Tsum Tsums normally being slightly softer and not as overstuffed as the Tsum Tsums from Target and JCPenney.

Here are the Tsums that are currently available

Star Wars:


They also have several of the Tsum Tsum Lights and Sounds Tsum Tsums for less than $10 including the hard to find Daisy!




Entertainment Earth



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