Tsum Tsum Collector's Guide Book Review

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Today we are going to take a look inside the Tsum Tsum Collector's Guide book from Paragon Books. The book isn't widely available in the US, although you can get it on Amazon. It can be found more readily in the UK, and retails for £4.99.

Let's take a look at the front and back covers:

In the inside back cover there is a bookmark that you can cut out.

On the inside, the contents page points you in the right direction, while the introduction page tells you what to expect within.

Each page thereafter is organised into character categories (as per the contents page, above), and provides information about the characters such as their abilities, their friends, likes and a quote from that character.

It's definitely a cute book, with some cute pictures and fun information. Of course, there are so many Tsums out there now that this book only covers a small fraction of some of the more popular characters.

I'm not sure what someone would get out of this book over all, but if you have young kids who are into Tsum Tsums, it could be nice for them to look at. You could also take it to the Disney theme parks and get the appropriate characters to sign their own pages, which would definitely be cute and provide a cute interaction.

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