Tsum Tsum Subscription for July! (Spoilers!)

Tsum Tsum subscription boxes for this month have started to arrive!

This month is Stitch themed. It includes a small Stitch and a mini Experiment 626 Stitch. Before we give you our thoughts here are some pictures:

So now our thoughts... we are a bit torn about this box. We are huge Stitch fans and it is great to have Experiment 626 Stitch and a small Stitch to have a complete set of Stitch Tsums in all sizes (except Mega). That being said, we're not the biggest fans of having two versions of the same character in the box. They did it before with the Minnie box and we didn't like it then either. At least this time it is one of our favorite characters but obviously not every one loves Stitch. They could have easily made it a small Jumba which would have gone perfectly with the mini or even better, Gantu. That would have made this box awesome, even if it meant never having a small Stitch.

What do you think? Do you like this month's subscription set? Who do you hope will appear in future months?




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