Marvel Tsum Tsum Comic 1st Issue now available!

As comic book fans know, Wednesday is the day that new comics are released each week. This week the 1st issue of the Marvel Tsum Tsum Comic mini-series was released!

In the 1st issue a mysterious crate from outer space crash lands on the roof of a New York City apartment building where it is recovered by a group of teens who are big super hero fans. Of course inside the crate are Tsum Tsums who are apparently big super hero fans too! Issue 1 serves as the "origin story" of Tsum Tsums in the Marvel universe and sets up the rest of the series which we can't wait for!

Here are a few preview pages that the folks at Marvel were kind enough to provide us with!

If you want to read the full story (which we highly encourage) it is available now and you can either buy it digitally here: Marvel Tsum Tsum Comic Series at or you can get the actual comic at your local comic book store! You can find a local comic store via

As a special treat in the next couple days we will be posting an exclusive interview with Jacob Chabot and David Baldeon (the writer and artist of the Marvel Tsum Tsum comic series), so be on the look out for that soon!

In addition to the main cover of the comic there are also several awesome variant covers available for the first issue.

Regular Cover:

Variant Covers:

Also, the first of the "connecting" variant covers that will be found across all 4 issues of the mini-series is available. You can see the awesome artwork of the complete "connecting variant" by clicking here!

Finally, the month of August will see a "Marvel Tsum Tsum Takeover" with Tsum Tsum variant covers appearing for other Marvel comic series; today the first one, for Invincible Iron Man, was released!

Are you excited about the Marvel Tsum Tsum Comic series? Which is your favorite cover?




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