Marvel Comic Tsum Tsum Takeover continues with more variant covers this week and posters!!!

The Tsum Tsum takeover of Marvel Comics continued this week with new Tsum Tsum themed variant covers and some awesome Marvel Tsum Tsum Posters!

This week saw Tsum Tsum themed variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther, Daredevil, All-New All-Different Avengers, and Old Man Logan. For those that aren't familiar with variant covers, only the cover is different. The actual comic is normal (sadly Tsum Tsum free) but at least we get cool new Marvel Tsum Tsum artwork!

Also this week posters were released of two of the covers for the 1st issue of the Marvel Tsum Tsum Comic. They included the regular cover by Chris Samnee and the Gurihiru variant cover featuring Loki!

Here are closer looks at the new Tsum Tsum Variant covers:

Here are the two posters:

We also managed to get the "Fried Pie" Variant cover of the 1st issue of the Marvel Tsum Tsum series:




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