Tsum Tsum Subscription for August! (Spoilers!)

Our Tsum Tsum subscription box for this month has arrived!

This month is Lady and the Tramp themed. It includes a small Lady and a mini Tramp. Before we give you our thoughts here are some pictures:

So now our thoughts... overall this has to be one of the best boxes. It has a new character, Tramp, that hasn't appeared outside of Japan (and even there only a Valentines Day version of him has been released) which is awesome. Tramp has a bone in his mouth which makes us think that maybe "regular" Tramp will be released at some point (possibly only in Europe like they did with Oswald and Pink Minnie) but at least for now he is an exclusive new character! Lady is a pretty cute Tsum Tsum to have as a Small as well. The only thing that seems a bit weird about this set is that Tramp is the mini and Lady is the small when their actual sizes are the opposite. But overall this is a great set and more inline with what our original expectations of the subscription would be like.

What do you think? Do you like this month's subscription set? Who do you hope will appear in future months?




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