Disney Tsum Tsum Game Update! Genie added to game, Aladdin Lucky Time, and Aladdin event coming soon!

Today the International version of the Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game was updated to add Genie! Also, all Aladdin characters have lucky time for the next couple days and an Aladdin event is coming soon!

Genie's skill is random sorta like scrump; however, most of the random skills are pretty good so he is a decent character to play and the randomness makes things a bit more interesting.

The Aladdin event will be themed around defeating Jafar!

Are you excited about Genie and the new upcoming event?!

Also, as we mentioned yesterday, the Marvel Tsum Tsum Game was released in North America yesterday and we were able to interview the team behind the game! Check out the interview by clicking here!




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