Marvel Tsum Tsum Game News! Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Added to Orb Box! Chemistro coming soon to battle!

This morning the International version of the Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game was updated to add Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to the Orb Box! Also, the villainous Chemistro will be available to battle soon!

Between now and the end of the date December 3rd their Draw Rates will be increased so you have a better chance of getting them. Also, following the pattern of the last few orb releases they will also get 5 luck instead of the usual 1 luck while their draw rates are increased.

In addition to the extra luck, from now until the end of December Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will have a bonus to their stats with their HPs, ATK, and DEF boosted by 500 points.

Luke Cage's skills have an added benefit when fighting Chemistro. His skills will break Chemistro's gun in 1 hit. We expect Chemistro to appear either tomorrow or Friday.

Here are the preview videos of the two new Tsums!




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