Upcoming Japanese Tsum Tsum Rumors

Pictures of what appear to be upcoming Tsum Tsums for Japan have started to crop up!

The first set is a set that is supposed to be a "birthday" set to celebrate the 15th birthday of the Ikspiari Disney Store on July 7th. For those that aren't familiar with Tokyo Disneyland, as part of the Tokyo Disney Resort they have a shopping area called Ikspiari. Unlike the Downtown Disney areas at the US Resorts, Ikspiari is more like an actual mall and has a big Disney Store inside of it.

This set looks amazing with "birthday" Mickey and Friends Tsums wearing birthday hats as well as some brand new characters including what appears to be Clarice, Panchito, Jose, Max (Goofy's son), Clarabelle Cow, and Horace Horsecollar! It is unclear if all of these will be exclusive to the Ikspiari Store or if some/all of them will be available elsewhere as well. Slight Update: It sounds like these Tsums will only be sold as a set and not individually... should have more details in a few days!

The next image is of some new "Bee" Winnie the Pooh characters. As you all know last year the Japanese Disney Store released a set of Bumblebee Pooh characters and that same set was released in the US this year (with some slight differences). It looks like the Japanese Disney Store may be releasing a new set of "Bee" characters and this time maybe more than just the four main characters (since Bee Roo is pictured)... no idea when this set might be released.

Pictures are courtesy of TsumTsumJapan on Instagram and used with permission




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