Happy Stitch Day! Stitch in Japan and Hong Kong and Alice in Targetland

Today is 6/26 in the US (and Japanese) writing of the date so it has become unofficially Stitch Day! To celebrate, the Japanese Disney Store released nine new Lilo and Stitch mini Tsums and a Stitch "carrier" set (A larger Stitch Tsum with four mini Tsums inside)!

A day or two ago, the Stitch "carrier" set made a surprise appearance in Hong Kong Disneyland. The Tsums in that set aren't exactly the same as the Japanese ones. The Japanese versions of the Tsums have felt flowers attached to them while the Hong Kong Tsums have flowers stitched on them.

This has been a common difference between Tsums in Japan and elsewhere. Some part of the Tsum will be a felt applique in Japan but elsewhere it will done via stitching. Presumably this is due the applique being viewed as a potential chocking hazard.

It is widely expected that the US Disney Store will be releasing a similar carrier set when they release their Stitch Tsums for Tsum Tsum Tuesday in July. Before the Hong Kong set appeared, it was thought that the Tsums inside the carrier would be completely without the flower from the Japanese version as the preview picture of the individual Tsums are flowerless. Now that we know a stitched flower version exists, I think it is possible the Disney Store set could have the stitched flower as well... I guess we will find out the week after next!

In other Tsum news, a selection of Alice in Wonderland Tsums have started appearing at Target stores. The set includes mini Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit. In a big surprise it also includes medium Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit. This means that Target is the first place in the US to have medium Tsum versions of Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit! As with the other Target releases they aren't currently available at all Targets but should be slowly showing up over the next week or two!

Edit: It also appears that Little Mermaid Tsums have started to appear in the US Parks finally!




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