Comic Con Tsum Tsum News Roundup

San Diego Comic Con started today and Disney has a booth with a lot of Tsum Tsums including some never before seen plushes and figures!

The biggest news is a line of Nightmare Before Christmas Tsums that should be released in September or October. Displayed were Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Sandy Claws (Jack in Santa Outfit), Lock, Shock, and a Vampire Doll. Strangely missing were Barrel and Oogie Boogie. There was an illustration of a Tsum version of Barrel on a photo op in the booth so it is possible that there will be others when they are released.

The other big news is that in the display was a Large Hulk Tsum and a medium Spiderman Tsum. Providing proof of Marvel Tsums coming sometime.

In other plush previews, they had Extra Large Mickey, Minnie, Lotso, and the Little Green Alien from Toy Story. Mickey and Minnie were seen at a Disney Store holiday merchandise preview so those aren't a surprise; however, currently Lotso and Alien are only available in Japan so it isn't know if they will appear in the US or not. They also had the Aladdin set of Tsums on display that will be coming out for Tsum Tsum Tuesday next month.

In non-plush news they also had out a new range of Tsum figures. Previously it had been mentioned these would be a Target exclusive but the range seemed pretty extensive (and was listed with "wave 1") so not sure if that is true or not.

Anyway, that is the exciting news so far from Comic Con! Here are some pictures of the booth and Tsums from Instagram!

UPDATE! Apparently they have added a Barrel Tsum to the Nightmare Before Christmas set on display! Now... the only question... is Oogie Boogie hiding somewhere as well?

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