A look at the D23 Expo Japan Tsum Tsums

The D23 Expo Japan was held this weekend in Tokyo. Of course there was some exclusive merchandise available that we take a look at here.

First, before we get to the merchandise actually at the show, it is worth mentioning that before the show began some merchandise was made available to ticket holders and some was available via a raffle to ticket holders (the raffle was for the right to purchase the items).

Items included in the raffle were the same sets that were available at the US D23 Expo in August (those sets were Limited Edition 2000 but 1800 of each set were saved for D23 Japan resulting in the ridiculously limited supply at the US Expo) as well as a Japanese exclusive Mega Sorcerer Mickey that was LE 300.

At the Expo itself there were a few interesting Tsum Tsum related items for sale. These included three mini sets that matched the themes of the bigger limited edition set. Each of these mini sets had a plush "holder" and 2 "micro" Tsums inside. In the picture above you can see the size compared to a regular "mini" Tsum Tsum.

The other items were key chain "stacks" similar to those that have been available at the Japanese Disney Store before but with the same three themes (Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Steamboat Willie)

Will we see more of these micro sets in the future? Based on their popularity at the convention we wouldn't be surprised. Luckily, unlike the US Expo, they had plenty of stock of these items and they didn't sell out within hours. The truly limited items were handled via the raffle which seems like a more fair way of dealing with the whole thing... hopefully the US Expo will learn lessons from the Japanese Expo so there isn't a repeat of the chaos seen in August.

Do you like these new micro sets? Would you buy others if they released them?

Pictures courtesy of Disney Dream store from Japan and used with permission




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