Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday! Star Wars Tsums released! Tangled and Easter Tsums coming next month!

Today is one of the best days of the month, Tsum Tsum Tuesday! Today the first set of Star Wars Tsums were released! We also found out that Tangled Tsums will be released for the first Tuesday in March!

Star Wars Mini Tsum Tsum:

Star Wars Medium Tsum Tsum:

Star Wars Large Tsum Tsum:

While the US Disney Store site doesn't mention the Easter Tsums, the European Disney Stores do have a sneak peek... we expect these to be available in the US as well based on past releases like this!

Finally, if you haven't entered our giveaway for some awetsum Fathead Tsum Tsum Wall Decals you still have a bit of time! Go to our giveaway page to enter by clicking here!

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