Everybody wants to have a cat (Tsum Tsum)! A look at the new Japanese Disney Store Cat Tsum Tsums

Yesterday the Cat Tsums were released in Japan and boy are they cute!

While we wait for our set to arrive from Japan, the folks at the Tsum Tsum Plush - Buy/Trade/Sell Facebook group allowed us to post some of their pictures (Thank you!) so we can take a closer look at the little balls of cuteness!

Having two Siamese rescue cats our favorites are obviously Si and Am but this has to be among the cutest Tsum Tsum releases so far (but there is a lot of competition for cutest Tsum Tsums)!

Some of the Tsum Tsums were rarer than the others with many already selling out on-line and in store (Thomas O'Malley, Gideon, Si, Am, Goofy, and Pluto are currently all sold out on-line); however, there will be a restock on February 22nd... which is, appropriately, 'cat day' in Japan... because the number 2 in Japanese sounds like the Japanese version of meow so 2/22 is meow meow meow day :). They also did a small re-stock on-line last night after initially selling out of some but even that re-stock already sold out for some of them.

Pictures courtesy of Tsum Tsum Plush - Buy/Trade/Sell Facebook group and used with permission




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