Jakks released previews of Series 3 Stacking Vinyl Tsum Tsums including the Mystery Stack Packs!

Today Jakks updated their website to include previews of the Tsum Tsums that will be included in Series 3 of their Stacking Vinyl Tsum Tsums! Best of all were previews of some of the Mystery Stack Packs for Series 3 (since the Mystery Packs normally arrive after the normal 3 and 9 packs leaving them more of a mystery). Since they only have 9 listed it is likely there will be a few more. Series 3 will likely start appearing in stores sometime next month!

Included in the new characters in Series 3 are a mix of classic Disney characters as well as Pixar characters. Here are images of the Mystery Stack Packs and some of the new characters. You can find the complete list on Jakks website by clicking here then selecting "Sort of Series" then "Series 3"!

Which are you most excited about?




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