Tsum Tsum News and Rumors roundup! Beauty and the Beast, Monsters, Muppets, and more!

Due to various reasons we haven't been able to post quite as much recently as usual so it is past time to do a Tsum Tsum news and rumors roundup!

We will start with what has been officially announced.

On June 26th the Japanese Disney Store will release their version of the updated Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsum set. What makes this more interesting is that the look of many of the Japanese Alice Tsum Tsums will very from their Disney Store counterparts. Recently it seemed like the Japanese and US/European Disney Store versions of Tsums have much more similar than it used to be; however, the Alice set reverses this trend so it will be interesting to see what happens with future sets. In addition to the actual differences in looks the Japanese set will include Dinah who until now has been an exclusive release in the Tsum Tsum subscription from last month. Also, instead of separate caterpillar and butterfly versions of Absolem they will only have one version that will have both the feet from the US caterpillar AND the wings from the US butterfly.

Other than the Japanese Alice Tsum Tsums the only other confirmed upcoming plush set is the Force Awakens Tsum Tsums that will be released at the US and European Disney Stores for Tsum Tsum Tuesday this week.

Next up is the next series of the Stacking Vinyl stacking Vinyl Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific. According to various previous statements from the company, as well as the expected ship date for pre-ordering them, we expect them to be appearing in stores in the US very soon. If they follow the normal pattern they will first appear on the West Coast (most likely at Toys R Us or Target) and spread eastward... we look forward to finding these soon! After that we expect the 1st Marvel set to be released in August or September so there is a lot to be excited about on the stacking Vinyl front! Here are some pictures of some of the upcoming Series 3 Tsum Tsums:

Finally, for confirmed news, we have the 2nd series of Tsum Tsum squishies in the UK (and most likely Australia and Asia). According to the UK toy store The Entertainer they should start shipping pre-orders in late June so hopefully they will arrive in stores in the next two weeks. Based on the released information it appears the characters will be mostly the same between Series 1 and Series 2 with the main difference being that series 2 will be flocked and "fuzzy"; however, the rare gold and silver Tsum Tsums could be different characters. As a side note, look for a blog post later this week taking a closer look at the squishy Tsum Tsums!

Now that we have the confirmed news we move onto speculation and rumors. Nothing here is set in stone and is a combination of what we have been able to find out, leaks of future Tsum Tsums, and educated guesses.

First up is Beauty and the Beast. We have seen a lot of leaks of these Tsums from various sources. Recently various B&B Tsum Tsums have appeared on E-Bay, which sadly is a pretty reliable source of leaks. The biggest question is when will they be released. Our best guess right now is August. We know they will be released by Posh Paws in the UK in November and the Disney Store pretty much always releases them before the 3rd party vendors. The reason we think there is a good chance they will be released in August is from a strange source. This summer the Disney Store is giving away Tsum Tsum wristbands when kids participate in a store event. Each week a new character is being released. Most of the characters on the wristbands are Tsums that have already been released; however, two of the wristband characters in August are Lumiere and Cogsworth! Obviously this doesn't guarantee they will be released then but is as good a guess as any and since a LOT of the Tsums have been showing up on E-Bay it seems likely they will be released fairly soon.

The next upcoming set is Monsters, Inc. Again we know Posh Paws will be releasing a Monster set in October so it is a pretty safe bet they will be released at the Disney Store before then. If the summer wristband promotion is any indication we should see Monsters released next month as Mike and Sulley wristbands will be given out in July. If this does happen that will be a stronger sign that Beauty and the Beast will follow in August. Who will be in this set? We don't know yet if it will be Monster, Inc or Monsters U based (or a combination of the two). Boo and other Monsters U character designs have shown up in other places (stickers, posters, squishies, etc) and so far we haven't seen any real leaks on E-Bay for Monsters.

Next on our list of E-Bay leaks appears to be a 3rd set of Spider-Man based Tsum Tsums including Iron Spider (Spider-Man using Iron Man tech) and Kraven the Hunter. We don't know when this set will be released or who else will be in it.

Also appearing on E-Bay in the last few weeks are 4 new Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums. We know Posh Paws is releasing a Nightmare set in September but up until now we figured it would be the same ones that were previously released at the Disney Store. So far only 4 characters have shown up and Jack and Salley are just different expressions so it is possible this could end up being a Nightmare themed bag set (with maybe Oogie Boogie as the carrier bag?). We would guess (but it is a complete guess) this set would be released in September.

The final recent E-Bay leaks are a few different characters that span multiple sets but they are pretty exciting! First, we have Miss Piggy which probably means a Muppets set is in the works! Next up is Elliott from Pete's Dragon... with the new Pete's Dragon live action movie being released in August we wouldn't be surprised to see a Pete's Dragon set in the next two months. Who else will be in it is anyone's guess as Pete and Elliott are the only two obvious ones. I would have thought maybe this would be a Subscription set but that would only make sense if Elliott was the small Tsum Tsum with a mini Pete so who knows. Next is an Experiment 626 Stitch mini Tsum Tsum. It is quite possible this will be a Subscription Tsum Tsum as we already have had a lot of Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsums released. Finally, we have Dr. Facilier which hopefully indicates a Princess and the Frog set is in the works which would be great.

I think that is all for now! But a lot of exciting Tsum Tsums are on the way over the next few months! Which Tsum Tsums are you most excited about?




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