A look at the new Disney Tsum Tsum Vinyl Series 7

Recently Series 7 of Jakks Pacific Disney Tsum Tsum Vinyl figures have started to appear in stores. We have managed to find a lot of them and take a look at them here!

First lets take a look at the Collector Guide for Series 7.



Series 7 adds 1 or 2 additional characters from a variety of movies (Aladdin, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Jungle Book, etc) as well as adding characters from completely new movies/families to Vinyl Form including Muppets, Moana, and Finding Nemo.

The last few series have seen Jakks adding a new "variation" to each series. Series 4 saw Color Pop, Series 5 added Pastel, and Series 6 added Tsparkle Tsurprise. Series 7 has a few additional Tsparkle Tsurprise Tsum Tsums plus complete new "Fuzzy" Tsum Tsums. Also, in addition to the previous Black and White Ultra Super Rare Tsum Tsums, we get our first Gold Ultra Super Rare.

Now that we have looked at what Tsum Tsums are available in Series 7 how do you get them all?

Well, the previous series had 3 packs, 9 packs, and Mystery Packs; however, Series 7 is a bit different. Series 7 has Mystery Packs with matching accessories like every other series; however, it takes a different approach to the other packs.

First, instead of 3 packs that contain a Small, a Medium, and a Large Tsum Tsum, Series 7 has packs that have 2 visible Medium Tsum Tsums plus 1-3 Mystery Small Tsum Tsums. Here is a look at a few of the packs and what they contained:

We were "Ultra Super Lucky" and got Gold Minnie in one of our packs:

Instead of 9 Packs, Series 7 has 2 different 7 packs. Each pack has a theme, Cat Craze or Woody's Roundup, and has 1 Mystery figure inside. We suspect that this is the only way to get the Large Ultra Super Rare Black and White Donald and Daisy; however, apparently there is also the possibility of getting a light up Baymax that is not listed anywhere as being included in the series. Here are the two 7 packs:

Next up are the Mystery Packs which are similar to previous series. There are a total of 15 Characters with matching accessories in Series 7 and include some new characters that only come in Mystery Packs: Jafar's Genie and Mr. Big. We always feel that the Mystery Packs, with their matching accessories, are the best part of each series and this is true of Series 7 as well. Here are pictures of the Mystery Packs and some of the characters with their accessories:

There is always one or two super rare Mystery Packs and for Series 7 of course those seem to be the characters exclusive to Mystery Packs: Mr. Big and Jafar's Genie.

Next up are something new: Play Sets. They technically don't say they are part of Series 7; however, they have exclusive Tsparkle Tsurprise Tsums which are listed in the Series 7 Collectors Guide. So it seems like they are sorta meant to be part of Series 7 and I am including them here. There are 3 different play sets, each themed to a movie: Lilo and Stitch, Alice in Wonderland, or Aladdin. The play sets are awesome and are a great addition. Thanks to D23 we know that there will be some additional play sets coming later this year or early next year.

One thing that we haven't mentioned yet are the Fuzzy Tsum Tsums. Thanks to D23 we know those will come from Walmart exclusive Mystery Packs. We don't know for sure when they will be released but it is supposed to be "Fall". It seems weird that these will be Walmart exclusives as Walmart seems to be abandoning Tsum Tsums but hopefully these will be readily available once they are released.

Now, besides the Fuzzy Tsum Tsums, where can you find the other Series 7 Tsum Tsums? There are currently 3 main sources: Target, Toys R Us, and Entertainment Earth. We have had more luck at Toys R Us on the East Coast than Target but know they should be showing up on shelves soon. If you want to order whole boxes of them then Entertainment Earth is a great option. Here are links to purchase them on Entertainment Earth:

What do you think of Series 7? What characters do you hope make it into Series 8 and 9?




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