A look at Tsum Tsum Halloween Merchandise at Hong Kong Disneyland

This morning we got a preview of the upcoming Halloween Tsum Tsums that will be released at Hong Kong Disneyland soon; however, a lot of other Halloween merchandise has already been released! We will take a look at some of it here now!

First up is an 11 pin collection of Halloween Tsum Tsum pins. They are sold in blind boxes of 5 pins each. They are mostly pumpkin or ghost versions of characters:

Next are two cute Halloween Tsum Tsum T-Shirts

They also have cute magnets and photo frames

And also Tsum Tsum hairbands that seem to be popular in Hong Kong

Overall they have a pretty good variety of Halloween Tsum Tsum merchandise this year and that doesn't even include the Tsum Tsums themselves. I wish we got all this great cute merchandise here at the US Parks!

What is your favorite?

Special thanks to usshoppingsos on instagram for letting us use their pictures!




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